Academic Achievement

Every student should visit with the Office of Academic Achievement at some point during their time on the Cliff.  College is meant to be challenging, and while we rock our challenges, there are other times that we need some help.  Meet with the Director of Academic Achievement, Jessie, or the Coordinator, Maria!  They can help you make a successful plan to get back on track through setting and achieving academic goals and connecting you with campus resources, like financial aid or course mentors. 

Even better, choose to meet with one of the Academic Peer Mentors; these are your fellow students who can help you get organized, create a planner, learn how to study, and more!

For Students

The transition to college can be difficult for students, whether you’re a freshman right out of highschool or a parent attending classes for the first time in years. Difficulties can range from time management and study skills to needing someone who simply understands. That’s what we are here for. Make an appointment with an Academic Peer Mentor, or stop by in the upper level of the library! If we can’t help you, we’ll connect you with someone who can. 

For Parents

Is your child struggling in classes or coping with the transition of college life? The answer is simple: come to Academic Achievement! We have a variety of academic and campus resources to help your child succeed in their academics and social life here at BCU. To learn more about how we can help your college-goer, please send an email to the Director of Academic Achievement,, or coordinator


Academic Achievement is located on the second floor of the library. Meet with the director, coordinator, or set up a one-on-one appointment with an Academic Peer Mentor!  

Christmas feels like it was years ago, and now Spring Break has come and gone. The next date college seniors have to look forward to is graduation. This May day will (hopefully) be a warm and sunny one on which all of the work seniors have been putting in for four year...

April 9, 2018

So now you know what classes to take to get into graduate school. Great, so now what? What else should you be doing to better your chances of getting into graduate school? Well, now, my friend, is the time to start padding your resume with extracurricular activities.


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APMs help their peers find the best note-taking, self-quizzing, organization and time management techniques that work for them. From flashcards to creating a daily planner to reading a textbook, the APMs have a lot of tips and tricks up their sleeves.


They are commited to find what works best for you.