Peer Review Process

All abstracts submitted to the graduate track of the Excellence Event will be peer-reviewed. Upon receipt of the abstract, a faculty member will remove all identifying marks and send it to two other faculty members; at least one will be from a different department than the submitter.  Proposals must receive a score of ≥24 on this rubric. Those accepted will be notified by April 2, 2019.

Use the below form to submit your proposal for the graduate track of the Excellence Event. You will be notified regarding a decision on acceptance as soon as possible. 

​​Basic Information

  • Use the following headings for your abstract submission:

    • Title of project

    • Names of researchers (primary investigator is listed first)

    • Email address for the primary investigator 

    • Problem Statement/Research Question 

    • Background/Significance 

    • Description of Project/Research 

    • Results 

    • Conclusion/Implications

  • Abstracts must be single-spaced and contain ≤300 words (excluding the headings, authors’ names and affiliations, and listing of any funding received for the project)

  • Must be submitted via this form.

  • The abstract must be received before March 1, 2019

  • Abstracts will be disqualified from the review process for any of the following: 

    • Did not follow abstract submission guidelines.

    • Did not submit to appropriate person by deadline.

    • Research project promotes commercial interests.

​​The Process

  • Upon receipt of the abstract, the faculty member will send a reply back to the submitting author to indicate that an abstract has been received. 

  • The faculty member will then remove any identifying features in the abstract and then send it to faculty members to score.

  • Two or more faculty members will grade your abstract. 

    • At least one of the faculty members will be from a department other than the one that you work or study within.

  • Scores will be averaged from all faculty members that reviewed the abstract.

    • An average score of ≥24 is required for acceptance to the peer-reviewed section.

    • Areas to be scored include the following:

      • Problem Statement/Research Question

      • Background/Significance

      • Description of the project or research

      • Results

      • Conclusion/Implications for Practice

      • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation

    • An average score of less than 24 will place the abstract automatically in the non-peer reviewed section.

    • Following the scoring process, Eric Strong will notify the submitting author of the reviewers’ decision.

  • If you are accepted to the peer-reviewed section Excellence Event, you will be given a set of guidelines for the poster presentation.

  • The decision email from Eric Strong will occur no later than April 2, 2019.