Mission Statement


Collaborate. Access. Create. Share.

The Bishop Mueller Library works in collaboration with Briar Cliff University community members and the world in accessing, creating, and sharing information. 


The Bishop Mueller Library brings people together to discover and create ideas that transcend boundaries and enhance communities. 



We serve by... 


  • collaborating and fostering a deeper sense of community.

  • providing access to information and information creation tools, which promotes academic success and extra/co-curricular experiences.

  • assisting with the creation of intellectual and cultural works.

  • encouraging others to share their work with the Siouxland community and beyond.


Strategic Directions

  1. Develop deeper collaborative relationships with other BCU members

  2. Reimagine the student assistant program to provide experiential learning opportunities within a working-learning community

  3. Foster/Encourage the wider adaptation of technology and information services at Briar Cliff University and Siouxland

  4. Form modern collections and spaces which services the curricular, co-curricular, extra-curricular, and professional needs of Briar Cliff University

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