Through one-on-one appointments, workshops, role-modeling, and informal interactions, the Academic Peer Mentors empower fellow students to develop a comprehensive set of academic skills and personal support necessary to persist and succeed at Briar Cliff University. 

Course mentors are student tutors who assist their peers with excelling in a specific course. When a student is struggling with a specific class, they may find tutors set up in the library, at the listed times, for homework help, tutoring, and course guidance. 

Selected Resources are powerful tools created by Briar Cliff University librarians to help you conduct research. Trained professionals seek out the  most relevant and up-to-date information from the library's resources and cull them together into a simple, and easy-to-use guide. 

You can help us expand our library collection by requesting materials to add to our collection. Please review qualifying criteria before submitting requests.

Briar Cliff University students complete high quality scholarship throughout the year. From those starting out their journey in the First Year Experience, to undergraduates crafting research projects, to graduate students contributing to new peer reviewed knowledge, this work needs to be showcased to the community. Briar Cliff University, in conjunction with the Bishop Mueller Library, Center of Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Center of Health Care Initiatives, First Year Experience, and several faculty members, have joined together to provide a conference opportunity.

The Writing Center offers a place for all students to strengthen their academic development by building competency in the writing process. Students can submit papers for review, learn research techniques, and so much more. 

When the Bishop Mueller Library does not have licensing for content desired by our patrons, we rely on our Interlibrary Loan network to serve our patrons. Articles will take 3-5 business days and will be emailed. Books will take 5-10 business days and need to be picked up from the library. 

The Bishop Mueller Library now offers large poster printing to all Briar Cliff departments. We can print on a variety of sizes and printing materials to accommodate your academic or extracurricular needs. 

Research Mentors are always available in the library to train and support their peers in the use of information resources for research, academic, and creative purposes. They can answer your research questions, help you find suitable information, and assist in better understanding the library. 

Briar Cliff University will host a Human Library on Thursday, September 20th. This year's Human Library will take place from 10 am - 2pm in the St. Francis Center. Over 40 books will be in attendance in available for checkout.