Time Management made Easier

When it comes to college, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. When life is busy, it seems that organization is an impossible task and things get lost in the chaos.



Lucky for us college students, there are organizational tools to help clear the clutter and make life easier. One of these magical tools is Microsoft Outlook. Most people should be fairly familiar with this name, as it is the source of our school emailing system. Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office Suite and while it is primarily used as an email application, Outlook also has a ton of other tools to help us organize our lives such as calendar and task manager! 


The first step in learning how to better manage your time is to organize and prioritize your assignments and engagements. This is where the Outlook calendar and task manager tools will be helpful. In order to get the most out of the Outlook Calendar, make sure that the system is connected to your smartphone. This will help keep your classes and campus events organized. Another added amenity to the Outlook Calendar is the ease of adding dates directly from your school email and turning it into a reminder or calendar event with just a few simple clicks. For example, let’s say a teacher emails you about an extra credit event that you can attend. We all know how much extra credit can save a grade so attending this event is important!


There are several ways to make a calendar event directly from any email. Option one is to drag the email from the list of emails down to the calendar icon in the lower left corner of your laptop. The other option is to click the calendar icon and select new appointment. This will open up the appointment window, where you can change the subject, start time, end time, and even location. It also attaches the email from which the appointment was created, this will allow you to add any notes you want. Your second option is to click the move arrow and select calendar. This will set in motion the same process, where you can edit the details of the appointment.  


It’s a no-brainer that Microsoft Office Suite has created a thorough program system that makes any college student’s life easier. From Microsoft Powerpoint to note taking and journal applications, Microsoft has everything you will need to get an ‘A’ in college organization! Be sure to check out all of the programs and tools Microsoft Office has to offer on their website or by visiting the Academic, Research, and Technology Mentors at the Library front desk! 

















Photo Credit: https://pixabay.com/en/time-stopwatch-clock-hour-minute-731110/ 

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