Who are Research Mentors?

February 10, 2017


Research mentors are the students who work the front desk of the library. We’re all specially trained to help students find research materials in the form of books, online peer reviewed articles from databases (you know, those ones your professor requires when they say, “don’t use google.”), videos, and any other materials you might need. Here are eight more things Research Mentors can do to make your life as a BCU student a little easier and a lot more fun!




1. We’re students just like you, we come from a variety of majors, from Biology to Nursing to Theology to Education. (So one of us has probably had the same assignment you’re struggling through right now.) 


2. We’re your research secret weapons. Does the word database make you want to curl up in the fetal position and ask for an extension? Come to the library and we’ll help you sift through all those peer reviewed scholarly articles and find what best suits your needs. 


3. We’re here to help with technology…sort of. We’re not Technology Mentors (they are our front desk buddies from 1-4pm (Monday-Friday) and 7-10pm (Monday and Wednesdays)), but we can usually help when the printer is being weird, when you can’t figure out how to format your paper, or you need help finding things on the library or Briar Cliff websites. 


 4. We’re experts on all things Bishop Mueller Library. Did you know you can get books from other libraries around the nation if we don’t have it on our shelves? It’s called Interlibrary Loan and is coordinated by the lovely, Sister Mary Jane. Did you know that we have a language learning database that is much like Rosetta Stone? It’s called Mango languages and is actually very helpful. Did you know you can check out phone chargers, laptops, bluerays, DVDs, HDMI chords, and even cameras at the library? We know these and many other fun, helpful services offered by the library; all you have to do is ask. 


5. We know about other services offered at the Cliff. Most of us our upperclassmen, we’ve been around a while, so we usually know where to go for what around the Cliff. We can point you in the direction of Course Mentors, Academic Peer Mentors, Student Support Services, Student Development, Residence Life Coordinators, and First Year Academic Advisors. We can even help you talk to your professors. 


6. We give library tours to freshman classes (or anyone who would like to know more about the Bishop Mueller Library). We show you around the library, and share all sorts of helpful information along the way. 


7. We do class presentations if a professor asks us to come in present on how to do research. During these presentations, we can tell you about databases, library resources, and Julius can tell you all about copy right and creative commons rules. 


8.We’re generally happy people; we usually say hi when people come in and out of the library, so be sure to smile and say hi back when you come through, it makes our day better and your day better! 

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