Briar Cliff Technologies and Online Resources

February 27, 2017

Briar Cliff is a relatively well-funded academic institution with tons of technological resources all over campus. As a student myself, I know that finding some of these resources could be potentially challenging if I didn’t have access to the library website. I discovered most of these resources my first year here on campus; it became a necessity to take full advantage of the wealth of technological resources available to me as a student. The first thing I noticed was that there are computers everywhere. You can have access to a computer within a 3-minute walk of any of the dorms. 


Technology in the Library

There are three labs in the library alone, with access to over 30 computers. The library also has several printing options, with a web-printer that is fairly simple to use if you’re using your own personal laptop. The library also offers rentals of some pretty expensive technology: you can rent projectors, laptops, phone chargers, headphones and even top-of-the-line cameras, for all you will-be photographers (I believe in you). In addition to rentals, the library has a poster printer for professional advertisement prints as well as labs to rent for presentations or classes. DVDs and blu-rays are also available for rental in the lobby. A scan-to-print/scan-to-email machine is located immediately to your right as you enter the library from the front doors. 


Where to Find Computer Labs

Heelan Hall also has several labs. The Heelan 138 lab has 8 work stations each with access to a printer across the room. Recently, Microsoft Vizio was installed on these machines to enable business majors to make business models as well as project models with ease. The Heelan 112 lab has 6 rows of 6 workstations each, totaling 36 work stations. The area is available for rental for computer classes or presentations, and has a printer in the back of the room as well as specialist software available for programming (Visual Studio, NetBeans IE). The media production labs, exclusively available to only majors in the Digital Media Departments, located at the base of the wall opposite Java City contain numerous state-of-the-art Mac all-in-one desktops. These all have the entire Adobe Creative Studio software package, which would be incredibly expensive if you were to purchase it by yourself. They also have several special printers capable of professional prints as well, and a sound studio the next door down. These may be available to other students if they acquire permission, as well as signing a contract, from the department professors.


Online Learning

There are also numerous online resources that we have special access to as Briar Cliff students. The library website contains thousands of databases with pretty much any academic sources you would ever need for any project. In addition to those databases, there’s also a language-learning database called Mango Languages that enables you, in a Rosetta-Stone fashion, to quickly learn even the toughest languages. In addition to the numerous online resources available, the campus also offers human resources to help with technology at every step. 


There are several ways to get help

Technology and research mentors, available at the library front desk, are near-experts in their craft. They can help you hunt down that specific academic article, or build your presentation with professional structure and prose. Even your intro to computers class (which is surprisingly tough) can be handled with ease in just a few minutes with one of our technology mentors each week. Technology Mentors are available every week day, from one to four in the afternoon, and as well as Monday and Wednesday evenings from seven to ten. The IT center is available for anyone who needs a phone fixed or a laptop looked at or any kind of special network questions, as well. Briar Cliff also has course mentors, students who tutor and help other students excel in specific classes. Just check here for tutors, classes, and hours available!


In short, this campus has a wealth of technological resources that you can count on day and night to fulfill all of your academic needs. Briar Cliff can be a rather complete experience, only if you use the resources available to you to improve yourself and all of your work. It’s there, you just have to spend a little time using it. 

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