5 Reasons Why you Really Need to Go to Class


            It’s 7:30 AM. You were up late, and the last thing that you want to do right now is get out of bed and drag yourself to that 8 AM class that your advisor simply insisted that you take. Why not just snooze the alarm, and roll over to catch a few more minutes of sleep? You can catch up with the coursework, you think. What’s the point of walking to class to sit there sleepily?

            Here are a few reasons to get your, erm, bottom, to class. 



1) Attendance is Mandatory

            Professors keep track of absences, and some will penalize your grade, or even dismiss you from the course, if you miss it too many times. And, depending on your university, your advisor, coach, and even administrators may be made aware of you chronic absenteeism. 


2) Usually, you get credit just for being there

            Do you really want to miss out on those attendance points? Even if you get 2 out of 5 on that pop quiz, isn’t that better than 0 out of 5? Not to mention professors tend to be more willing to help students that they have actually seen before, as opposed to those who make their first appearance right before the final.


3) You’re a sponge

            Just by sitting in the class, you’re going to hear and absorb some of the material being covered. And guess what material professors usually cover during class periods? The important material, that often times appears on exams.


4) You can ask questions

            If you’re confused about something, you can usually clear that up during class time. Not only are you being instructed by, most likely, an expert on the topic, you also have peers who can help explain concepts to you in various ways. 


5) You can form study groups

            Speaking of those peers, your classmates can be a great resource for when you have questions, or are looking to study with others. It is helpful to go to class, so that you can meet and establish a rapport with these people.

Although it may seem easier to sleep in, remember that the benefits of going to class far outweigh the consequences of skipping.

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