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October 18, 2017



As a student, you’ve probably written numerous papers and essays on various topics ranging from your Gen Eds to very major specific term papers. This is college. The reality is that from freshman year on, you will be writing several papers a year and they’ll only get more difficult. Four years of writing may seem a little daunting, but here at Briar Cliff we have a remarkable resource: The Writing Center. Here, the best and brightest writers from among the various majors, many of them your peers, commit themselves to improving the quality of writing coming from our great university. For us to help you, though, you must invest time and effort in your writing.


Some see the WC as a simple editing service; this is not the case. While our objective is to improve writing, it isn’t to do the writing for anyone. The reality is you will have to write many more papers than we could ever edit, given our resources. The old “teach a man to fish…” saying is relevant here. We know that people can be better writers than what they sometimes put down on paper, but it starts with the mentee.


We also know that most of the writers we have on campus do not seek an editing service, but truly want to develop their own writing skills. Writing skills are a vital component of those seeking employment, and many employers have written tests which attempt to gauge and meter problem solving skills in ways that verbal or multiple choice simply cannot. Most of our students see that these skills are directly parallel to what it means to be a good worker in addition to a good student.


Using the writing center itself is simple. We have hours every week day from 10AM to 2PM and from 6PM to 10PM. The center opens on weekends on Sunday Nights at 6PM until 10PM. Any time during these hours, the center is open to walk-ins. The center itself is located on the second floor of the library, above the mezzanine in the academic resource commons. It is the last door on the left. Additionally, online appointments are available to students who have difficulties or impossibilities making it to campus. Skype, phone, and Google Hangout appointments are available to these students. You may email a paper in so a mentor can get a head start on discussing it with you, but we will no longer be making corrections via email. Please take advantage of this valuable resource as it has shown to increase the writing quality of any student who takes the time!

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