Finding Your Perfect Internship

April 4, 2018


An internship, as defined in a basic sense, is any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession. For example, if there was a person who was interested in becoming a nurse, they could apply for an internship at a hospital. At that hospital, they would receive a basic rundown of what a nurse does, the daily tasks of a nurse, and possibly the route to take in order to become a nurse. Internships were created so that a person looking to go into a career or a certain field, could gain experience and knowledge on that subject before choosing a steady job.


The perfect internship is hard to describe because everyone has different likes and interests. For example, my interests lie in the science field. This past summer, I was a naturalist, which is an educator who works with native plants and animals of a distinct area. This upcoming summer, I am jumping way out of my field and am going to be working in a laboratory with cancer cells all day long. Although these two fields are miles apart, they still interest me in the highest. It is all about what you enjoy and what you like learning about. The best advice I can give when looking at an internship is to remember that if you love your job, you will never work a day in your life. Apply this to your thinking when looking at internships as well.


When applying for an internship, ask yourself how you might like the job if you had to work it every single day. Could you see yourself actually enjoying yourself? If you do, apply and try it out. An internship is all about the experience you receive and having that knowledge and skill under your belt. A future employer could determine your starting position based upon that internship, so make it count. The most important factor when finding an internship is to research things that interest you. You want to have fun and explore future careers, so take some chances. Apply for as many internships as you can. You never know what field you might fall into and what job you could end up loving. Do your research and know what you are applying for. Is the facility up to date? Are there complaints online about the workplace you could be applying for? Even though you are the one applying for the internship, you can still be critical and picky to the places you select to apply to.


There are several benefits to getting an internship. The experience, pay, and people you meet are well worth the couple of minutes it would take you to fill out an application. An internship is an adventure of a lifetime. It is a point in your life where you get to taste test the real-world jobs that are out there. Don’t take that time for advantage! Enjoy yourself, but also be realistic of what jobs you know you would enjoy and others you know you should avoid, even if the pay is good! The perfect internship isn’t going to just fall into your hands, go out there an explore! Find your perfect internship today! 

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