Padding Your Resume

April 9, 2018

So now you know what classes to take to get into graduate school. Great, so now what? What else should you be doing to better your chances of getting into graduate school? Well, now, my friend, is the time to start padding your resume with extracurricular activities.




While schools look for those who have good grades, they also want individuals who are not just student robots. They want the students who are involved on campus or in the community, and who can show that they have some substance to their character. By getting involved with activities outside of school you are showing that you can actively juggle extracurriculars and get good grades at the same time. Strive to be a well-rounded individual. So, what are some things that you can be involved in that can boost your resume?



Volunteering your time to a cause is an excellent way to boost your resume. Not only are you helping others, you are showing that you are a compassionate individual who cares about the welfare of others. Graduate schools love to see a student who goes out and is involved in the community. It speaks to your character and to your work ethic as well. Now, to impress graduate schools it can’t just be a one time and done situation. I would suggest actively volunteering whenever you can in order to accumulate hours. Some of the places you can check into in Sioux City are Girls Inc., Gigi’s Playhouse, Sioux City Soup Kitchen, Sioux City Animal Rescue, or  one of the nursing homes around Sioux City. This is a short list of activities you can get involved in, and I encourage you to check out the opportunities in your home town as well. Now, go out and make the world a better place!


Get Involved on Campus

Join something, anything, on campus! If you are going into any sort of health care graduate school, join the Science Club or Pre-Professional Health Science Club! If you want to go to graduate school for business join student government! Or just join a club because you think it is interesting or would be fun. Be a part of Catholic Daughters, Choir, or apply to be a PAL. Join the Honors Program and go on their yearly trip. Apply to be an Academic Peer Mentor and you can write fun blog posts like these! If you can hold any type of position within these clubs that is even better. Any of these activities would look great on a resume. Be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.



Those who are involved with a sports team show a potential graduate school a few things. One, they show that you are excellent at time management. Athletes have to juggle practice, games, and workouts all while getting a degree. So if you can get good grades and play a sport, it tends to highlight your ability to manage your time well. If you can manage time well, you can manage the crazy schedules in graduate school. It also can showcase your ability to work well and get along with others, as many sports involve working with other teammates. This will highlight the fact that more than likely you will be able to work well with the other students and the professors. Being a full time student and full time athlete is a great thing to showcase on a resume.


 Now, I am not suggesting that you go out and become a student athlete, join 100 clubs, volunteer 20 hours a week and fall behind in your classes. Do what you are capable of doing. Also, join the activities that you are truly interested in and care about. Don’t just join Spanish club to put it on your resume and then never show up for a meeting. Actively care about the things you get involved in and you will have an awesome resume.  

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