Why Second Semester of Senior Year Really Does Matter


Christmas feels like it was years ago, and now Spring Break has come and gone. The next date college seniors have to look forward to is graduation. This May day will (hopefully) be a warm and sunny one on which all of the work seniors have been putting in for four years will pay off in the form of diploma.



However, seniors still have a long way to go before walking the stage at graduation. It is important that they rally and muster whatever willpower they have left in order to finish the semester (and their college careers) strongly.


Here are some reasons for college seniors to fight off their senioritis


Your last semester still affects your GPA

Even if one has already been accepted into graduate school or gotten a job, it is a shame for a good GPA to go down the drain in the span of one semester. If a student has already made it this far, he or she might as well continue to work to keep that GPA up. Plus, one’s second semester grades could mean the difference between graduating with or without honors.


Senior seminars are important

Usually, seniors are enrolled in some of the most important courses of their college careers. In senior seminars, students review the information that is more essential to their majors. These classes are helpful in preparing students for their future fields, and should not be taken lightly.


You’ll be more satisfied with yourself

It is easy to give up when college feels long and classes get tough. However, it is better to push through to the very end of school. One is far more likely to regret giving up than giving his or her all.

Even though it’s hard, seniors shouldn’t wish away their last days of college. To quote the poignant pop hit by Macklemore, “Someday soon, your whole life's gonna change / You'll miss the magic of these good old days.” 

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Why Second Semester of Senior Year Really Does Matter

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