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Improving Accepting and Giving Compliments with Individuals with Disabilities


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    • Master of Science in Behavior Analysis

    • Second-year master student

    • Advisor. Faculty One

  • Student Two

    • Master of Science in Behavior Analysis

    • First-year master student

    • Advisor. Faculty Two

  • Student Three

    • Advisor. Faculty Three

    • Senior Undergraduate

    • Psychology

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This will be a 15-minute oral presentation. 5 minutes will be provided or questions and answers.


Individuals with developments disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorders may have conversation skill deficits, especially in the area of accepting and giving compliments. We used an individualized approach to assess and treat conversation skill deficits with three adolescents with developmental disabilities. We taught conversation skills in the form of accepting and giving compliments using Behavioral Skills Training (BST; Poche, Brouwer, & Swearingen, 1981) and within-session prompting. We used a multiple baseline design across participants to demonstrate experimental control over the teaching.  An increase in saying, “Thank you,” and smiling to compliments provided by the adult, as well as compliments were given, was observed with the trainer and maintained.  Generalization and treatment extension were also observed in conversations with adults not associated with teaching.